Historical Highlights of the
San Francisco Comedy Competition

Hundreds of comedians audition each year to compete in the Annual San Francisco International Stand Up Comedy Competition. Only thirty are chosen.
Robin Williams
In 1976, the first year of the Comedy Competition, Robin Williams came in 2nd. That same year, Bob Sarlatte, the On-Field Master of Ceremonies for the San Francisco 49ers at 3Com Park, finished 3rd.
Dana Carvey
In years to come, many more talented comedians wouldemerge from the rounds of the San Francisco Comedy Competition.

1977 Comedy Champ Dana Carvey went on to Saturday Night Live. Marsha Warfield won in 1979, then starred as everyone's favorite Night Court bailiff. Two first runners up—Ellen DeGeneres and Mark Curry—landed their own TV series. 1993 Crown Prince Patton Oswalt kept the laughs going on the King of Queens.

Comedy Competition Finalists have ended up in almost every entertainment genre.


  • 1991 winner Don McMillan enjoyed a long ride as Gus the Bud driver.Carlos Alazraqui
  • From that same year, Tim Wiggins appeared with Steve Young in a Toyota ad.
  • Carlos Alazraqui, 1993 winner, was the voice of the Taco Bell Chihuahua, and is now a regular on "Reno 911."

On Broadway

  • Mike Davis, 1979 Finalist, starred in Sugar Babies.
  • Rick Reynolds, 1987 2nd Place Winner, went on to produce and star in his own Broadway show, Only the Truth is Funny.
  • Rob Becker, 1987 3rd Place Winner, still tours nationally with his one-man show, Defending the Caveman.

The ScreensPolice Academy

  • Michael Winslow (The Man of 10,000 Voices) starred in the Police Academy movies.
  • Kevin Pollack, Sinbad, and Rob Schneider have all become successful stars on both big and small screens.
  • Carrie Snow, Barry Weintraub, and Mike Dugan write some of our favorite sitcom scripts.
  • Doug Ferrari (1984 Winner) has appeared on many national TV shows, written material for everyone from Dangerfield to Leno, and worked with the most celebrated comics from Bob Hope to Robin Williams
  • 1995 Comedy Competition winner Doug Stanhope is currently the host of "The Man Show" on Comedy Central.

Christopher TitusRoseann Barr, Janeane Garofalo, Steven Wright, Bobcat Goldthwait, Christopher Titus, and DL Hughly all competed in the San Francisco International Stand Up Comedy Competition, but never made it to the finals.

1980 Winner Michael Pritchard, 1984 Winner Doug Ferarri, and 1992 Finalist T. Marni Vos are successful motivational speakers who practice what they preach and have given tremendous support with recovery and rehabilitation programs.

1983 Finalist, Dr. Gonzo, "The Doc of Comedy Rock", is on the City Council of his hometown of Mason, Illinois.

Mark Pitta
Will Durst
Johnny Steele

San Francisco area natives Mark Pitta (1984 2nd Place), Will Durst (1983 Winner), and Johnny Steele (1992 Winner) are all regulars in Bay Area media.